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Creating Desirable Behavior Around Distractions



Feb. 12, 2024 - Mar. 11, 2024



Full Students





Closes Feb. 18, 2024

Michele demonstrates and explains how to train reliable behaviors around surprises, temptations, and all those daily events that present challenges for dogs. Trainers working with companion and sports dogs, as well as guide dogs, will benefit from this!


This course will help you:

  • Identify what environmental cues trigger undesirable behaviors in each individual dog
  • Create an effective training plan, teaching the dog to choose desirable behavior without human prompting in mild, and even highly distracting situations
  • Successfully manage challenging situations for both dog and handler

Full Students have instructor support in the class Forum to ask any questions you have during the course.

Auditors have access to course material only.

There are no meetings for this course.


  • IAABC, KPA: 6 CEUs